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Continuity Is Critical

Updated: Feb 19




the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time

Trust is earned over a period time. Brands are built over a period of time.

Like a great parent or a best friend, strong brands are always there when and where you need them.

They make your life better when you are together.

You feel comfortable and happy when you see them in your space.

It's human nature. It's emotional. It's subconscious.

There are so many reasons to commit to continuity in branding and marketing, it's just crazy not to!

Frequency of impressions delivers top-of-mind awareness of your brand - that's the kind of awareness that is critical for younger businesses and those in highly competitive markets or looking for growth.

Being present over time builds confidence in your brand and in you. It's a characteristic of reliable and popular businesses - read: loads of trust and good times found here!

Now more than ever before, as people have lost faith even in the most basic things in the world around them, brand owners are reaching out and reminding people that they are still there for them as always.

Refresh their memory about your heritage and what makes you tick.

Grasp each opportunity to be seen and showcase what you do best - over and over again.

Constantly create cool and enriching connections that sow the seeds for sprouting new clients and fertilize relationships for growing existing ones.

So the next time someone is thinking about [insert what you do here] - the first thing that comes into their mind will be your brand and a strong desire to have you in their life.

For the first time. And then forever!

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